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Dized is the incredible new way to learn your next new favorite game, introduce a game to your friends and family, or refresh your memory for a game you haven’t played in a while! Dized interactively teaches you and the other players the game while you play! Skip the rulebook, save time studying rules and jump right into the fun! Dized tailors your tutorial to the number of players at the table and moves at your pace! Start playing now! Why wait?

the Latest on Dized

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition

Return to Mars and terraform it once again, this time using only cards.

Tiny Epic Zombies

Outbreak has hit the Echo Ridge Mall. Fight zombies as a survivor or overrun the humans as a zombie.

Terraforming Mars

The race for the Red Planet

Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

Become dino ranchers in the lucrative dinosaur farming industry.

Castle Panic

Defend your castle together against waves of enemies and become the Master Slayer!

Arch Ravels

Experience the colorful and crafty world of fiber arts with ArchRavels! Play as one of four characters, each with their own unique crafting specialty. Hit the Yarn Bazaar to build up your stash. Follow the patterns to make cuddly bears, warm blankets, and cozy scarves.a


In Everdell you deploy workers to gather resources. USe resources to play cards to construct your city and to attract woodland creatures to inhabit it

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This is a sample of some of the great comments and praise for Dized!

I wish every game used Dized

Timothy Roller

Superbacker, via Kickstarter

I got the game 3 days ago and tried the app today after reading about it here: this is so useful and so much fun to go through! Will check out the rest of the titles that have already been “Dized!”!

Christoph Prokop

Dized User, via BGG

I learned the [Libertalia] rules via @getDized and OMG it was soooooo [sic] easy. I never want to learn a game in a different way

Dized User

via Instagram Story

I was able to witness first-hand how cool the Dized tutorial is for [Super Fantasy Brawl] at GAMA Expo last week!!! Dized did a tremendous job and it will be a tremendous tool for an easy way to introduce yourself to the game.

Sam Healey, (Formerly) Mythic Games - BGG User

Publisher (formerly Mythic Games), via BGG


Thank you very much and congratulations!

Gabriel Gonzalez Pavón

Dized User, via BGG

This app is truly amazing and has made learning this game a walk in the park. I’ll definitely be looking forward to future games being added to your platform.

Chad Veillette

Dized User, via Email

A few of the great game publishers on dized

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