I am an Indiegogo backer and I've received an Early Access code. I've tried to redeem it and it doesn't work!

The Early Access Registration for the Indiegogo backers was closed and the code you’re talking about is not a code you can activate credits with! In short, at this point, you can disregard the Early Access code as it’s of no use anymore.

You should have received the Credit Activation code in your email.

I received more than one code! What should I do?

You either

  1. purchased a pledge level like the “Fellowship”, which means that you received 5 codes that are worth 10 credits each. You can share the codes with your friends or use them all by yourself!
  2. purchased several packages from the campaign. You can activate all the codes and all the credits for these will be added to your account.
I'm stuck at login, why I can't access?
Most likely you’re trying to use your username in the first field. Use your email instead. If that doesn’t work, contact us by filling the support form!
I registered my account and the validation email didn’t come through! What now?
If you didn’t receive an account validation email after 10-15 mins (remember to check that spam folder!) don’t worry! Head to https://dized.com/email-validate/ and submit the email you registered with and we will resend your validation email to that account!
I need to reset my password, how do I do that?
Go to this address: https://dized.com/reset-password/ and follow the instructions. The same link can be found inside the Dized app as well!
I'm pretty sure I never got the Early Access code. Where can I get it?

You don’t need one anymore. The Early Access Registration for IGG backers is closed. The code for redeeming credits and other goodies was sent to your email already.

I don't want to register to use Dized!

Don’t worry, you will be able to browse the free content without registering after the Early Access ends!

My question isn't answered here!
Please, fill in the support form on the page and we’ll get back to you!