Dized+ Subscription


Can’t find the right game to play? Is it taking too long to get the game going? Are you having arguments over game rules? Not anymore, because DIZED has you covered!

DIZED is a digital companion for tabletop games. It makes gaming more entertaining and simply improves your game nights!

Who is Dized for?

Dized has been designed for anyone who is interested in tabletop games. You might be new to board games, or perhaps you have already built thousands of hotels and crawled the deepest dungeons. Dized has features that suit every player!

Your favorite games might be the old classics, or perhaps this year’s fresh releases. Dized works with all kinds of board, card, miniature and role-playing games!

So, if you’d like to have more entertaining game nights, then Dized is for you!

What is Dized exactly?

Dized is a digital service used together with your actual tabletop games. It’s available as an app for iOS and Android smart devices, and on the Web for Computers. Dized is a multi-tool that teaches and enhances your games making playing easier and more fun than ever before!


Let’s start with the learning: Dized features state-of-the-art game tutorials. These tutorials allow you to get into the action immediately, and you don’t need to study rulebooks or watch videos before the game night. You know how video games guide you while you play? This is EXACTLY how Dized teaches the game! The interactive play-along tutorials allow you to start playing right out of the box!


Dized also has the full game rules with built-in FAQs and search engine. All rules available on Dized are up-to-date, and publisher approved! Solving rule-related issues is super fast and you’ll be back to playing in no time!


Dized+ brings you Extras, our version of DLC (Downloadable Content). This content is designed for specific titles and allows you to get more fresh gameplay for your favorite games!


Player Tools include several handy digital gadgets that you can use with any game. These gadgets include Dice Rollers, Scoretrackers, Timers, First Player Randomizers, Soundtracks, and more. Player Tools also include Soundtracks, bringing the game theme more alive!


Dized+ members are able to enjoy Tutorials and Rules ad-free, while getting added features to make the experience even better!

Dized+ Gives You So Much More

DIZED+ feature List:

  • Ad-free access to DIZED Tutorials and Rules
  • Full Access to DIZED Extras
  • Exclusive all-in-one player tools:
    • Scoretracker
    • First player randomizer
    • Player Order randomizer
    • Dice Roller (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20)
    • Timers
    • Player Stat Tool

Details on DIZED+

  • DIZED+ Subscription is not required to access DIZED Tutorials and Rules. Free usage of DIZED Tutorials and Rules is supported with ads.
  • DIZED+ Subscribers help the DIZED team to add new content and features to the platform.
  • Subscription Term and Payment: You can choose between a monthly or an annual Subscription Term using your selected Payment Method.
    • For On-going Subscriptions you will be automatically charged for the next period on the date of renewal, unless the subscription is canceled prior to that. The subscription is automatically cancelled, if the selected payment method cannot be charged, for example due to an expired Payment Method.
    • The Limited Time Subscriptions are one-time-purhases and are not automatically renewed. A Limited Term Subscription is only valid for a set period of time. The Limited Term Subscriptions can be purchased as a redeemable DIZED code. The Limited Time Subscription will automatically terminate at the end of the Subscription Term, and no automatic renewal will be charged.
    • Cancellation: You can cancel your DIZED+ Subscription at any time. A canceled Subscription continues to be valid until the end of the subscribed period.


“This makes me want to game even more!”

“Thank you so much! This app is truly amazing and has made learning a game a walk in the park.”

“This app is a game changer. Very clear and visual tutorials that easily beat Youtube.”