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Want to assist publishers in getting the Rules and Tutorials for their board games on Dized?

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Use your superpowers for a good cause and help people learn new games! If you can break down rules, script tutorials, proofread, translate, record audio or create images Dized will introduce you to a publisher requiring those services.

Dized Tools allow the creation of content for all the games out there. We're starting with Rules: indexed, living ruleset + FAQ. Later on, we'll introduce additional Tools to build Dized Tutorials and other content.

How does it work?

Publishers that don't have the right professionals in-house might be looking for outside help to get their content on Dized.

"Help! Anyone?"

"I can do that!"

"It's a deal."

We notify you about publishers in need of your skills, you agree on fair compensation, and the deal is on!*

You'll be able to create and publish content with the Dized Tools – a simple, easy way to make Rules, Tutorials and more on the web.

Once the content is ready, a contact person from the Publisher will start the review process: they can ask you for revisions or approve the material for the next step.




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*Please note: any contract discussed is between Content Creator and Publisher. Dized and Playmore Games act only as facilitators and are not involved in the agreements between parties.

All good? Great! The content will be released on Dized on the agreed date, and thousands of players will benefit from your work!

Dized Rules is only one of a growing list of features available on Dized.

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It's the perfect time to jump in because you'll get to know the tools before anyone else. When hundreds of publishers will be looking for Content Creators in the future, you'll be way ahead of the crowd!

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(1) If you're good at this, you're the right person to make Dized Rules. Breaking down rules involves being able to read and understand a rulebook, create a hierarchy of rules, and being able to reorganize information in distinct, independent bits.

(2) You'll need to organize, document and write down the flow of information and interactions required to get players to set up and start a specific game as soon as possible. This is not "scripting" as in "coding."

(3) You'll be required to check Rules and Tutorials for clarity of explanation, accuracy, and grammar, in the languages of your choice.

(4) Mark audio production if you are competent in the fields of sound design, music production, or voice recording.

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