Dized Tutorial Creation Course (September 2023) – AMA 1/3



  • Dized staff will answer your questions! Ask them on the #my-first-project channel on the Dized Content Creator Community Discord!

– This following email was sent to participants of the September 2023 course before this session. –

Dized Tutorial Course: Ask me Anything! (1/3)

Hello Creator!

We’ve gotten to the point when creators have a lot of good questions! In today’s stream the Dized staff will reply to your questions and when applicable, show you examples on how to do specific things in the tool! The chat for this stream will be on Dized Discord on the channel #my-first-project and if you already have a question, post it there!

If you can’t make this AMA, we have two more coming: one this Thursday and then one on next Monday. It is highly recommended to watch the recordings anyway, even if you weren’t able to join the live stream.

In tomorrow’s stream we’ll take a deeper dive into variables! Using variables effectively allows your content to become truly interactive!

As always, you can find the streams and all other necessary information for this course at https://dized.com/course-002/

Happy creating!

-Team Dized


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