Dized Tutorial Creation Course (September 2023) – Session 01



  • Getting Started (getting access to Dized Tool)
  • Creating Games
  • Managing Assets
  • Creating Objects


With this session, you should be able to accomplish the following matters:

  • Get access to the Dized Portal.
  • Create a new game into the Portal.
  • Upload game assets into Portal.
  • Create game’s components as 3D objects into the Dized tool.

– This following email was sent to participants of the September 2023 course before this session. –

Dized Tutorial Course starts tomorrow!

Hello Creator!

You are receiving this email because you have signed up for the Dized Tutorial Creation Course!

The course is just two weeks long and during it you will learn how to create complete Dized Tutorials! In fact, during the course you’ll be creating your own Dized tutorial, which shall be evaluated by the Dized team. You shall receive feedback on your creation, and once you’re able to create high quality Dized tutorials, there will be paid projects available!

Course Website

The website is the MOST IMPORTANT link for this course. It will have all session specific information and other needed resources available. Perhaps go ahead and bookmark it now: https://dized.com/course-002/

NOTE: The above link is also where you will find the link for Session 01: Course Start

After the first sessions, we’ll continue to chat and answering questions on Discord (channel #my-first-project).

Before the Course

There are some things you can already do to prep for the course. These are optional but will help you hit the ground running:

  • Make sure you have Google Chrome installed. If Chrome is not an option, you can try Firefox which tends to work quite well too. However, due to our limited resources we currently cannot offer support for any other browser than Chrome.
  • Make sure you have a Dized user account. (see https://portalguide.dized.com/getting-started/)
  • Create yourself a Dized Portal organization. This is your own playground where you can practice using the tool. (see https://portalguide.dized.com/getting-started/)
  • Join the Dized Content Creator Community on Discord. (Join here)
  • If you can: print, or make yourself a version of the “Escape from Babylon” game. It’s a game designed especially for this purpose and having a physical copy of the game available helps greatly in designing and playtesting the tutorial. It really doesn’t need to be fancy and you can just draw the elements on paper and utilize the few pieces from other games. In fact, why not sharing a picture of your DIY version of the game to the #my-first-project channel on Discord!
  • Make sure you have learned AT LEAST one game using a Dized tutorial. Having first-hand experience on how an interactive tutorial works is essential in designing Dized tutorials. If you haven’t yet learned a game with Dized, and you don’t have a game and/or group available to do it with, start a solo game of Libertalia on Tabletopia (use the calm mode), and use another device to run the Libertalia Dized Tutorial simultaneously.

Course Schedule

The schedule for the course was created on a shared Google Calendar put apparently it didn’t work for everyone. We have now also posted the full schedule here. Remember that you can also watch the sessions later according to your own schedule. However, if you can, try to keep up with the sessions and do the practices while the course advances. That way you will have finished your Dized Tutorial by the end of the course, and we can all celebrate together for the finished work!

See you soon for session 01: Course Start!

– Team Dized

Good to know:

  • This page is for one of the Dized Tutorial Course sessions. The full course info can be found here.