Dized Tutorial Creation Course (September 2023) – Session 05



  • Testing and tweaking a tutorial flow


This sessions helps mastering the following matters:

  • Using the Previewer and Previewer Inspector
  • Testing tutorial with Test Values
  • Pinpointing issues in flow logic
  • Learn about typical issues with flows and how to fix them

– This following email was sent to participants of the September 2023 course before this session. –

How is your Dized Tutorial coming along?

Hello Creator!

Getting the Practice Project Created

We hope you have been able to get your Dized tutorial started! During this course we’re going through a LOT of sessions and topics at a breakneck speed, but worry not: all recordings of the sessions will remain available online, so you can advance with your project at your own speed!

We do recommend creating your own project schedule and setting a deadline for it. You have a lot of freedom when creating Dized content and the job is very much self-guided. Once you start working on content for publishers there will be deadlines, and being able to keep those will build a good relationship with the publisher and bring you more paid projects!

Speaking of paid projects, when you work on your tutorial remember to keep a record of the worked hours. This will help you estimate project lengths and costs in the future, and also show how much more efficient you’re getting with every additional content!

If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information and/or the practice project, make yourself a more relaxed schedule so you can take the information in with time. Also, practice makes perfect, so keep dabbling with your content even if you’re just trying out fun things with the Dized tool!

It’s probably safe to assume that you’re doing this course because you’re interested in learning a new skill (a whole profession actually!) and get to work with board games. We recommend you take advantage of this momentum and try to continue working with the content until you get it done! (Trust us, getting a Tutorial done give always a great feeling of achievement!)

And remember, the Dized Content Creator Community Discord server is full of other people going through the same process! Join the discussion there and together we’ll get through this!

The Course Sessions

In the first 4 sessions we have set up our project with objects, scripted and created a flow for the tutorial. In the next sessions we will test the flow (Session 05) and learn the basics for the animations (Session 06). Remember, all information for the course and recordings is available at https://dized.com/course-002/

Due to a scheduling issue we have to cancel the first AMA (Ask Me Anything) from Saturday. Instead, Session 06 (Animation Basics) will be going live on Saturday instead. There won’t be a session on Sunday, and on Monday we’ll continue with Session 07 (Animation Advanced). Meanwhile, if you do have any questions, make sure to ask them in the Discord!

Note that there was also an additional stream recorded yesterday, where Jouni created the entire flow for the Escape from Babylon tutorial. For this course it is not expected that you would watch the stream, as it was super long (over 5 hours) and there are a lot of unnecessarily fancy things built for the tutorial flow. However, if you are interested to see how a full Dized tutorial flow is built from scratch, or just skim through it, you can find the link under Session 04: Tutorial Flow page!

See you on the next sessions, and good luck with your tutorial!

– Team Dized


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Good to know:

  • This page is for one of the Dized Tutorial Course sessions. The full course info can be found here.