Dized Tutorial Creation Course (September 2023) – Session 09

09 - AUDIO


  • Background Music
  • Voiceovers
  • Sound Effects


This sessions helps mastering the following matters:

  • Sourcing thematic background music
  • Adding the music to the content
  • Working with voiceover
  • Adding voiceacting
  • Using sound effects

– This following email was sent to participants of the September 2023 course before this session. –

Dized Tutorial Course: Audio (Session 09)

Hello Creator!

Thank you for the great questions during yesterday’s AMA! In today’s session (#09) we will learn how to utilize audio to your content, be it music, voiceovers or sound effects! Audio can really help in bringing your content alive, and make the experience a lot more thematic!

During the weekend’s sessions we’ll be talking about playtesting (session 10), and finalizing your content (session 11). As always, you can find the streams and all other necessary information for this course at https://dized.com/course-002/

Happy creating!

-Team Dized


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Good to know:

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