Playmore Games Inc.


1st December 2022


1. Terminology

Activation: The process of a Player gaining access to a Content, for example by purchasing it in the App.

Ads: Ads shown to Players on the Platform, typically included in Free Contents (see Free Content).

App: Dized end-user application. At the time of writing available on iOS, Android and Web.

Backer Credit: Digital currency used in the App, which was available for backers of Dized crowdfunding campaigns in 2017-2019.

Client: The business entity or legal person adhering to these Terms.

Compensation: The revenue share model between the Service Provider and the Client, effective on 1st November 2023.

Compensation Model: Revenue share between the Service Provider and the Client, based on the Direct Buy Price Tiers and/or Subscription Usages of the Client’s Paid Contents. In order to avoid misuse the exact details of this model are not available publicly.

Content: Digital content offered by the Client, published and distributed to Players via the App. Might refer to a single piece of Dized content, such as an Extra, or multiple contents. 

Content Purchase: Permanent access to a specific Content (see also Subscription). The direct purchase of one piece of Content in the App.

Digital Right: A right provided by the Service Provider to a Player to access, activate, and use Content.

Dized Extra: A downloadable additional content for a tabletop game, created with the Tools.

Dized Rules: A Digital rulebook for a tabletop game, created with the Tools.

Dized Tutorial: An interactive play-along tutorial for a tabletop game, created with the Tools.

Effective Date: The date the Terms come into effect, stated in the beginning of this document.

Effective Pricing: The current pricings of the Dized platform, available at

Free Content: Content that is accessible to Players without the requirement of monetary payment or Redeem process. These Contents are typically Dized Tutorials and Dized Rules, and they typically include Ads.

Paid Content: Content that is accessible to Players only by either acquiring a Digital Right, or by the Client covering an additional fee to the Service Provider, thus offering free access for the Players. This type of Content is typically a Dized Extra.

Platform: The umbrella term that covers the Dized App and Portal.

Player: An end-user of the App.

Portal: An online system for Clients for controlling their presence on Dized. Portal includes the Tools and other functions to manage and view Client’s Content, pricings, analytics, user authorizations, ad campaigns and so on.

Price Tier: The price of a Content selected by the Client from the list of pre-determined prices.

Service Provider: Playmore Games Inc., creator of Dized (Opastinsilta 8 E, 00520 Helsinki, FINLAND, Business ID: 2616425-7).

Subscription: A limited time access to all Content (see also Content Purchase). A monthly subscription, Dized+, for the end-users that removes the certain advertisements from the Platform and allows the access to Extras.

Terms: The terms and conditions defined in this document.

Tools: The set of content creation tools used for creating digital content onto the Dized Platform.

Usage: The method defined by the Service Provider to determine when a Content is deemed to have been “used” by the Player. In order to avoid misuse the exact details of this method are not available publicly.


2. General

These Terms are applicable to any Client that publishes Content created with the Tools into the App. The Terms are effective from the moment of publishing, and are binding as long as the Client’s Content remains accessible to any Player in the App.

Any possible updates on the Terms will automatically supersede the previous version, starting on the effective date of the updated Terms. Clients are advised to check these Terms periodically for possible updates. Client’s continued use of the Platform following the posting of the updated Terms means that they accept and agree to the changes.


3. Content Creation and Distribution

Service Provider offers the Portal for the Client. that is used to digitally distribute aforementioned Content to end-users in the App, Web and to other relevant Dized services.

The Client grants the right and license to the Service Provider to sell and distribute Digital Rights to the Content that the Client, Client’s business or any of the Clients affiliates have created with the Tools, in exchange for Compensation. The Client agrees that the Service Provider may sell the Digital Rights to Players directly or to other parties and affiliates that also sell to Players (extending to cases such as bundle deals.) The right extends to all platforms and operating systems and to all types of payment options available for Players in their current territory. Each Digital Right sold by the Service Provider is compensated as stated under section “4. Offering Content for End-Users”.


4. Offering Content for End-Users


4.1 Offering Free-to-Access Content

Rules and Tutorials are free to access for the end-users, and the Service Provider retains the right to show advertisements on these contents. This includes, but is not limited to, banner and video ads. Accessing such a Content does not require any form of monetary payment by the Player. 

4.2 Offering Paid Content

Compensation will be effective on 1st November 2023. The terms under this section will not be effective until then, and the Service Provider retains the revenue in full, which is used for developing the platform further and for growing the size of the Player audience.

Once the Compensation is effective, the Service Provider will share revenue based on the current Compensation Model. Revenue is shared for Client’s Paid Content sales and Usages.

For Content Purchase the revenue is shared on a sale-by-sale basis, and the amount depends on the Price Tier selected by the Client, and according to the Compensation Model.

For Subscriptions the revenue is shared based on Content Usage, and the amount is defined by the Compensation Model.

Compensation is paid for the Client on a monthly basis via bank wire as long as the threshold to be paid is at least 100.00 EUR. For a smaller sum the amount is rolled over to next month’s payment. Client is responsible for handling any transfer related fees such as currency conversions charged by the Client’s bank. The Service Provider will not hold any funds longer than a year, even if they are less than the aforementioned threshold amount.

The Client can review the amount of sales in the Dized Portal or on the reports delivered by the Service Provider.

The Service Provider is solely responsible for all the taxes (such as VATs), levies, and other similar payments that are not already handled by any other platform, such as an app store.

Any Content accessed or redeemed with Backer Credits do not fall under this section and is not compensated for.

4.3 Offering Content for Free and/or without Ads

The Client may choose to use a time-limited method to offer their Paid Content for free, or to remove Ads from their Free Content. In these cases the Client covers a monthly fee for the Service Provider, according to the Effective Pricing. The Content will remain free as long as the monthly fee is covered.

Alternatively, the Client may choose to use a permanent method to offer their Paid Content for free, or to remove Ads from their Free Content. This is done using codes that can be delivered to Players digitally, or as a code card. When a Player redeems a code in the App, they get permanent access to the specific Content.

These codes remain valid for 7 years after they have been purchased from the Service Provider, or as long as the Content is available in the App. The Client is not allowed to sell, or give Dized codes for reselling purposes. The Client shall take appropriate actions to make sure any Dized codes they purchased from the Service Provider won’t end up in resale.

4.4 Dized+ Subscription

Players can buy a Subscription to the App, called Dized+. This gives them access to all the Paid Content, such as Extras. Subscribers are not given a permanent Digital Right to a Content they use, and the access is revoked when the Subscription is canceled.

5. Special Occasions in Pricing

While the Client sets the price for their Paid Content, the Service Provider may sell the Digital Rights to the Content at any price in its discretion. In such cases the Compensation to the Client will always be done according to the selected current Price Tier in the Portal, and by the same margin as stated in Effective Pricing. (As an example, bundle deals or sale events). Such cases are agreed with the Client case-by-case.

Example: if the Content Price is set to Tier 2, the publisher will get the Tier 2 Compensation from each sale, even if the Service Provider has sold the Content for a discounted price.

The Client is not allowed (without permission) to edit the price for such Content during, or just before, such events or campaigns.


6. Refunds

In the case of refunds for Digital Rights to a Paid Content, the Service Provider may in its discretion issue refunds to customers. Any refunds will be deducted from the payments that are paid to the Client, as long as the refund claim is due to the Content being erroneous, flawed, defective or incorrect, and is not caused by negligence of the Service Provider or by issues with the Platform itself. 

There might be local laws for refunds for the end-users that disregard the policies stated in these Terms.


7. Client’s Warranties


The Client is responsible for the description and truthful presentation of the Content they have created. 

The Client is responsible for giving any support relating to the Content itself. The Client is also responsible for the maintenance of the created Content. Any issues caused by the Platform are the responsibility of the Service Provider.

Violating these terms and warranties might lead to refunds, discontinuing the sale of the Content and temporarily suspending the Content until such matters are solved.


8. Client Data


In accordance with the Service Provider’s Privacy Policies and applicable laws, the Service Provider will provide sales data to the Client in the Dized Portal or on the reports delivered by the Service Provider.

The Client grants the Service Provider the right to record, store, handle and to process any data related to the Client or their Content, produced by the Client or gathered by the Platform itself in both internal and external servers and services (such as cloud based servers).


9. Territory Limitations

Some Content might be impossible or illegal to make available in certain countries or territories in which case the Service Provider will not be offering the Content in those areas. The Service Provider is not liable if users circumvent the restrictions by any method (f.ex. by using a VPN).


10. Test Accounts

The Service Provider may, if it sees fit, without payment to the Client, grant selected individuals or test groups Digital Rights for the Clients Content for review, testing, or other purposes.


11. Other Rights the Client Grants 

The Client gives the permission to the Service Provider to publicly display, distribute, transmit, advertise and broadcast their Content in the Dized platform and/or channels (or relevant medias for advertising and promo purposes) – and in some cases modify if deemed necessary due to violations stated on these Terms or in the service’s Terms and Conditions or because it’s not compatible with the Platform’s current hardware requirements. This license is granted to the Service Provider as long as the Content is available in the App and up to thirty (30) days after it’s no longer publicly available in the App (even if the Client decides to suspend it themselves as stated below). 


12. Termination 

The Client may in their sole discretion choose to suspend the Content they have created and is available in the Dized App. Suspension of such Content will not affect any Digital Rights of a user who has obtained access to the Content. The Service Provider retains copies of the Content and end-users can still download or re-download any Content for which they acquired the Digital Right before the Content was suspended.

Users can re-download the Content they have acquired a Digital Right to, at any time, unless there is a heavy reason (such as the Content is harmful, illegal, unfit for the current hardware or deemed unfit to distribute by any other reason) to recall that Content. 

The Client is solely responsible for any Content they create and/or upload to the Platform and the Service Provider will hold no responsibility over any violations. The Client might also be held responsible for any Content that is created/uploaded to their Portal account.

If there is a breach that is violating any of the Terms, the Client has seven (7) days to rectify the situation after notice by the Service Provider before the Content is suspended. In some cases, such as breaking intellectual rights, the Content might be suspended immediately. The Client understands and agrees that the Service Provider is not obligated to use, distribute or continue displaying any Content they have created if there’s an ongoing violation of these terms.

The Client is not allowed to use Dized Platform or any Dized services for anything else than what the service is intended to. Such disallowed usage includes, but is not limited to, using Portal or any services offered by the Service Provider as their personal or commercial cloud storage.


13. Intellectual Rights and Infringement

The Client warrants the Service Provider, that The Client has sufficient rights to all the assets they upload to the Platform. This includes without limitation any kind of intellectual property or proprietary rights. The Client is also responsible that their submission does not violate any applicable contract, law or regulation and that their content adheres to the current Dized hardware and software specifications. 

The Service Provider commits to secure the Platform and any Intellectual Property uploaded to it from breaches or illegal usage of any such Property.

Please note that the following actions are strictly forbidden:

  • Copying, redistributing, reproducing, transferring or extracting any Content that you don’t have the necessary rights for from the Platform without proper authorization.
  • Using the Platform in a way that is not expressly allowed under the Terms or by Law.
  • Creating, sharing, or registering content and/or user names that are offensive, abusive, defamatory, pornographic, illegal, promoting other services or illegal acts or threatening. As well as sharing or creating any content that has malicious content such as malware, viruses or similar.
  • Creating a business account that impersonates other businesses or individuals.
  • Creating any competitions or promotions relating to the Platform or its content without permission from the Service Provider.
  • Create any scripts, apps, executable programs or other similar articles that might interfere, disturb, make vulnerable, probe, scan, hack or disrupt the Platform or other users’ devices.

If the Service Provider is notified that an action the Client has taken or Content the Client has created or shared violates these clauses, the Service Provider can in its own discretion either contact the Client and ask to remedy the situation or in some cases remove it from our system without notification to them. If any dispute should arise, contact the Service Provider. By agreeing to these guidelines the Service Provider reserves the right to suspend the Client’s Business Account in Portal, until any possible complaints are remedied. In some extreme cases, accounts might be terminated. 

The Client will also be responsible for any claims directed to the Service Provider as a result of the infringement.

The Client is urged to keep their user credentials, account details and password secure at all times. If there’s a possibility that the credentials have been stolen, the Client is advised to change their password as soon as possible and if need be, contact the Service Provider.


14. Governing Law

These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Finland.