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What is Dized?

Dized is the solution to the biggest obstacle in board gaming: learning a new game. With interactive Rules and more, Dized allows anyone to start playing in a matter of minutes.

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Our Rules creation tool is now open to third parties. Get your game on Dized and we’ll put it the spotlight during our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

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An Early Access version of Dized is available on both App Store and Google Play. Download it now!

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* You'll have free access to the Dized tools for 24 months following your sign-up. After that date, access to the tools will cost 100€/year. You'll be able to confirm tools access purchase – there's no automatic renewal.

Value for your backers and customers

Dized Rules, easy to search and update, allow you to direct your audience to a single place with all the answers, so you don't have to keep FAQs updated or issue rules revisions in PDF. 

A spotlight in the Dized library

Your Rules will appear side-by-side with other heavy hitters and be promoted for the whole duration of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. What's more, your Rules will remain accessible to everybody, no strings attached.

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Join now, and as soon as our advertising features go live, we'll gift you a number of highly targeted ad impressions equal to the people you can reach with your updates.

Ask your community!

Unsure if you should do this? Ask your community! Early Access is now open to everyone: tell your audience to try out Dized, and report back if they think your Rules should be on it!

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