Dized Tutorial Creation Course (September 2023) – Session 02



  • Principles of an interactive tutorial.
  • Dized teaching method.
  • Case study using a published tutorial.


This sessions helps mastering the following matters:

  • To understand the teaching method that makes Dized Tutorials so effective.
  • To understand the benefit of gradual learning, and why on the first time play the user experience matters more than maximizing players’ performance.
  • Typical flow structures of interactive play-along tutorials.

– This following email was sent to participants of the September 2023 course before this session. –

Course has started, session 01 is available now!

Hello Creator!

The first session is now available! You can find the recording of it at https://dized.com/course-002-session-01/

Remember, you can find all important information, like the course schedule, agenda, each session, and the needed resources, at the course’s website at https://dized.com/course-002/

After the first session you will have…

  • Gotten access to the Dized Portal.
  • Created a new game into the Portal.
  • Uploaded game assets into Portal.
  • Created the game’s components as 3D objects into the Dized tool.

Tomorrow will feature two 30 minute sessions. The first one dives into the teaching method of Dized tutorials, and the second will guide you on how to write the initial script (narrative story) to your tutorial!

You will find the link for tomorrow’s session on the Course’s website, link above!

Now, go get your project set up with the 3D objects and you’ll be ready for the next sessions!

– Team Dized

Good to know:

  • This page is for one of the Dized Tutorial Course sessions. The full course info can be found here.